About Hubris Reed bespoke men's garments

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend a moment in our shop. As any gentleman knows, time is the ultimate currency and we greatly value you choosing to spend yours with us. My name is Braden Schlosser and I am the founder of Hubris Reed Clothiers. I started this company after disappointing experiences with numerous other "Made to Measure" organizations that claim to offer bespoke suiting experiences. I was unhappy when I found I was more knowledgeable and more passionate about suiting than the so called "tailors" I was dealing with at these large "Made to Measure" companies and I knew that the quality of my garment was suffering due to the lack of passion and knowledge on the part of the tailors I was working with. I was told if I wanted that much attention to detail to schedule a fitting at Dege & Skinner. This response was not only unacceptable; it was also motivating. I set out to develop a platform where gentlemen could have a truly bespoke suiting experience from the comfort of their homes.


I embarked on a journey to find the best possible fabrics used by the same tailors I grew up admiring so much in London's acclaimed Savile Row. I also set out to to find a team of skilled, passionate, and fashion forward thinking master tailors who could not only cut a suit but create a statement for our clients. Most companies support staff don’t know the difference between a pair of scissors and a pair of shears, which is why they are ill-suited to advise in any true capacity. With the establishment of our Bespoke Garment Concierge, we have differentiated ourselves by our personnel and our product. We have developed a niche as a truly personalized and intimate suiting company that makes updating any wardrobe a convenient and pleasant experience. A member of our concierge team will ensure that you have the individually tailored guidance and feedback you need to make an informed decision regarding your choice of custom garment.


The development of our online fitting system enables us to offer every man access to our passionate approach to bespoke suiting. We have worked diligently to ensure every suit, whether measured by one of our master tailors at a scheduled appointment, or inputted by our users through our easy to enter self measure platform, is the same down to every last detail, so as to compromise nothing.


At Hubris Reed compromise is not an option. Exceeding our clients’ expectations has always been the cornerstone of our business philosophy, because we understand that greatness is the measure of a man and a company who are never satisfied with meeting expectations but insist on exceeding them.