How does it work? crafting made-to-measure garments

1) Choose a Suit or a Shirt

Men are meant to always dress well so we craft timeless suits that can be worn appropriately for any occasion. Select from our masterfully curated collection of suits, shirts, and accessories to add some unique pieces to your wardrobe.

2) Customize your selection

We offer a number of options to create a suit that is uniquely yours. From the style of your shirt collar to the lining of your suit jacket, they are all your choice and we are proud to offer them to you for FREE.

3) Get Measured Online or by a Pro

We always recommend using a local tailor to have your measurements taken to ensure the upmost accuracy. However, we do have step by step videos to guide you through the measurement process so you can have your measurements taken at home with confidence. After you have placed your order our team of master tailors will review your measurements for accuracy to minimize the risk of any error.

4) Our Promise to You – Free Shipping and Alterations

It is our core belief that the fit of your suit is paramount to any of the other options you may select and we want you to enjoy the experience of having a finely crafted custom garment made for you. So if your suit or shirt does not fit you exactly as you would like, we will do everything in our power to make it right. 


It is important to understand that all of our items are custom made and they may require slight adjustments to form a perfect fit. Hubris Reed offers an alteration rebate whereby we will cover the cost of your alteration up to $75 per order. And once you update your measurement profile with your new measurements, every order will be produced to your exact specifications.


We created Hubris Reed to make shopping for quality custom clothing both a more pleasant and a more rewarding experience. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to our concierge staff who are always willing to provide you with help and advice on our services.



*) Discount only applicable once per customer and only on first suit purchase. cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. cannot be used to purchase the fundamental collection suits. Alteration requests must be made within the first seven days of receiving your garments. Hubris Reed does not offer refunds or returns on any of our custom made garments.