the Hunter's Jacket Camouflage colors, to help you stand out

the Hunter's Jacket Camouflage colors, to help you stand out


Camouflage colors, to help you stand out. This piece that breaks with convention and complacency. Amid a sea of blue blazers this jacket reaffirms your unique taste and individuality. Crafted from ultra fine Super 140‘s wool this blazer offers a superior drape and comfort in a range of climates. For a unique look pair the jacket with a crisp white dress shirt, dark pants, and an English Mastiff.

even more personalized


A thin layer of stitching that follows the edge of your lapels and other key areas of your jacket. This feature is a tell tale sign of custom craftsmanship.

Make the buttonholes on your cuff and lapel functional. Not only will this allow you to wear a lapel pin but you may also undue the first two buttons on the cuff for added style. This is a feature of masterfully crafted custom menswear. (This option will make altering the garment more difficult.)

Overall Fit

A much more snug cut than our tailored fit suits. The jacket shoulders are more fitted and the torso is far more closely cut to provide a silhouetted shape around the abdomen. The pants are much also cut more closely around the waist and thighs. This style is recommended for very lean gentlemen (See Illustration).

The standard cut for our suits which provides a tapered look without being as closely cut as the slim sit style. The models on our website are wearing largely tailored fit suits. We recommend this style for gentlemen wanting a cut between the broader loose fitting suits and the skinny slim fit suits (See Illustration).

The loose fitting cut makes excellent use of additional room in the abdomen and shoulder to provide a relaxed and comfortable feel. The cut of this style is certainly more conservative and we only recommend it for larger and broader gentlemen (See Illustration).